Saturday, July 12, 2008

Movie Review – Jumper and Untraceable

Last weekend, I took the DVDs of Jumper and Untraceable. Both were recommended by the owner of the DVD store and I trust him to a certain point. I am happy to tell you that yes both can be watched and enjoyed.

I asked for a good action movie and I got Jumper. The main characters, other than Samuel L Jackson are not your typical action heroes - Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson. Diane Lane is in it too but has a very small role. The story is basically about Jumpers and Paladins. Jumpers (read good guys) can teleport around the world in a flash and Paladins aka bad dudes are out to kill ‘em. This is not a new thing, but has been happening from time immemorial. The plot starts moving fast from the beginning and keeps the pace throughout. The highlights are decent twists in the plot, good action scenes and some shots of world-famous monuments like Big Ben, The Sphinx etc. The ending is apt but kinda abrupt, setting the stage for a sequel. I don’t think I will be going for that though. The movie will keep you hooked but if someone pauses it to use the loo, you won’t be yelling for them to haul ass back ASAP.
Overall rating on the Mathew Rate-O-Meter 2.75 out of 5 stars.

Untraceable was the other movie I picked up and surprise surprise, it too has Diane Lane in it. What are the odds on that?? Here she is one of the main characters though. The other actors are Billy Burke and Colin Hanks (don’t scratch your head, click on the hyperlink to figure out who these gentlemen are, please). The plot is set around a serial killer who captures victims, sets up elaborate devices to kill them and broadcasts the whole show on the net via video and chat. The devices are set in such a way that more people log on to the site to watch the faster the person dies. At first, the victims seem to be picked up without motivation but later it gets more personal. The plot moves from one killing to another without time for anybody to even get a clue on why this is happening. Very gripping and not too gory with a final twist in the plot, it is a good watch that will keep you guessing.
Overall rating on the Mathew Rate-O-Meter 3.25 out of 5 stars.

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