Monday, February 25, 2013

Doors We Open

I feel like I open the first door of the day when I wake up. Mostly its slow and creaking and reluctant but sometimes it is a jolt. The latter is preferable especially if it is after about 7 hours of sleep.
The title of this post is more to do with long term 'doors'. Some doors should never be opened. Smoking, drinking, other stuff that comes lower in the sleaze list than the afore mentioned - one should never even walk  through them. So many people get trapped because before you know it, forget opening the door, you don't even know how to look for it. Else the situation is reversed. You may be looking at it inside out. You are on the other side, you walk back in, only to find that your are craving to be outside. Scary!!!
Lets look at some of the 'good ' doors - exercising, gymming, getting to work on time, sleeping early and also getting up early, eating low fat low cholesterol food. Day in, day out you may have to 'put fight' to do these things. Your body is ageing, your kids are crying, how long can you stay inside? Suddenly you are not inside the doors you want to be in and you cant get back inside where you know you should be. Suddenly it is a scramble, sometimes a puzzle, sometimes a long structured solution which unravels faster than a thingamajig... Crazy!!!
There is hope. Out of this nettle, danger, we pluck this flower, safety - William Shakespeare. Remember that life is short. Give thanks for the family you have (if it is worth thanks). Enjoy the food you eat and the drinks you drink. Take the holidays you can, especially the ones planned by others. If you haven't closed this blog yet, do it now, hug some one close by, go for a jog, get some sleep or call your parents. Just GO :)