Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This Is My Song

This is my song And it’s not like Elton John And definitely not like Code Red Because it is to be rapped Don’t treat it like crap I have a wife To know her is to love her And two boys, two little angels Etched into my heart My family is my core I’m truly blessed And my in laws None better than these When I’m pretty down And fucking fucked out I know where to turn And I do know that My B friends are out and about Can always reach out 36 summers have I walked on this Earth And the moon has done its phases a million But my relationships have become stronger What more can I ask for? Now things seem tough Do the tough really get going when the going gets tough? Sounds like hogwash Can’t remember the last time when they weren’t like this But it’s ok, it’s all right I’ll tough it out, I’ll stand up And when I can’t, willing hands will push me up Willing arms will hold me Someone will soothe, someone will guide Someone will point out the best way forward And every step will be a victory Every step will be a celebration And every step will make me stronger To carry forward the ones who stood by me Know this My heart beats for you