Friday, June 28, 2013

It's Time To Get Back

There was a time,
When I loved to play,
Come rain come shine,
Come exams, come whatever,
I was out there with my friends,
Running around wild

There was a time (in college)
Not selected to dance,
I asked to be included,
Mind you not selected,
Made it through and I enjoyed it
Now it is a blur, marred by time

There was a time,
I wanted to study,
Ha ha you caught me,
I was just playin',
But I thank my parents,
They made me stand on my own two feet,
And my sisters dear,
Guided me through my years,
God bless them all,
My guardian angels

Then came the time,
I got married,
To the most wonderful wife,
And along came our twin boys,
Two bundles of abundant joy,
I am blessed and thankful for my life

Somehow with time,
I was burdened,
Cholesterol, Inertia, Recession and all,
Lots of fears weighing me down,
Day in, day out,
Marking my time,
Alive but living, methinks not all.

It's time to get back,
Time to run and play 
Sing and dance,
Walk in the rain,
Or chill in bed, reading a book,
Fear is but a thought, cant let it hold me still,
Sleep is lovely, but so is life
Come one, come all,
Call everyone else

It's time to get back,
Time to run and play