Friday, February 9, 2007

This is how you do it – In Chennai

Among all the Tamil songs that I have listened, danced and horrified my closer ones with, my three favorites remain the ones mentioned below.

Before going there, I must give you some background. When I was in MCC (Grad College), I was inducted into the art of “Dappanguthu”. It was and still is one of the fun things I like to do. Put on a racy Tamil number at full blast and I will show you a few dance movements that may put Elvis the Pelvis to shame. But what is this Dappanguthu, machan? Simply put, it is a dance form which requires no formal training, a great deal of energy, illogical and vulgar movements involving your hips, butt and facial expressions. You must have seen Prabhu Deva do it in some song or the other. If not, put on Sun TV (or any other Tamil channel) and you will see it soon enough.

Coming to the songs I like, after you read this article, you have to download the songs and listen to them. For me. Please.

The first one is called Vaa Maane. It is a song by Suresh Peters from his album Minnal. I think it was released around 1995 –96 but am not really sure. All dapanguthu songs are charactersied by their strong beat and macho and/or vulgar lyrics. However, Suresh Peters has managed to make a love song out of this one.

The second one is called Aal Thotta Boopathi. I believe this was released more than a year back but I heard it only when I moved to Chennai. I heard it twice and then didn’t even realise when I started humming it. Suddenly, I was possessed with a need to own the song. This song is made in such a way that only tamil star Vijay can dance properly to it. However, don’t hesitate to give it a shot. After the chorus, there is always a part where the song starts slowly, then it goes into a high pitch and then the beat really takes off. What you have to do is move only your shoulders and your feet first. Then you bring your hands and hips into play and then JUST LET LOOSE. Warning – please try this in the privacy of your room with all windows closed.

The third one is called Maana Madurai. This is a straight up, no holds barred song. It is an extremely catchy song. The lyrics are quite funny. It talks about how these guys are shy to look at girls, leave alone talking to them.

The songs Vaa Maane and Maana Madurai are available on Just search for them the way I have spelt it and you will find it. Aal Thotta Boopathi is available at Have a great time dancing ;-)