Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson - Gone For Good

Can you believe it? Michael Jackson is gone, just like that. I don't know why I feel so sad and that every time I see an article in the paper, it kind of reinforces the feeling. I guess part of it is also because as an artist, he was iconic and right up there but with all his antics and troubles, I was wishing that he would have been able to perform his last concert and shore up his image. Very very unfortunate that it did not happen.

My first exposure to Micheal Jackson was when my uncle got the Thriller tape home. I must have listened to it like a million times. Years later when I bought the CD, I could still remember most of the lyrics. The videos were also supercool. Thriller, Human Nature, The Girl Is Mine and PYT remain my all time favourites. After this came the album Bad and the breakdance era and guess whom we all imitated!! We felt so cool when we wore leather gloves (one guy would wear it on his left and the other on his right) and did all the moves. However, my greatest regret was I could never master the moonwalk. The pelvic thrust was right up my alley ;-). After Bad, I did follow his releases but not with the same passion as earlier.

Once in a while, I would listed to the Thriller album or watch MJ videos on YouTube. So on the day he died - 26Th June, I had got back home from the gym and my wife told me the bad news. I just couldn't believe it and in a daze, switched on the TV to validate the news. During the day too, I was checking on the net to see if it is true and something new has come up. Later, my dad also called saying that when he heard the news he thought of me. It was also good to see that so many fans, even celebrities were out there remembering him in many different ways. I think the cruelest stuff was when people passed around jokes around his death.

I think the world will never forget his distinctive voice, his dancing skills and his entertaining videos (like Remember The Time, Black or White) etc. Its just sad that he probably was pretty screwed when he passed and nothing more will ever come from him. The chapter is closed but hey thanks for the great music!