Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Dolorous Ditty

I sat down to watch a movie
But ran out of time
I poured out a Bacardi
But ran out of lime

I laced up my Nikes
But ran out of steam
I lay down to sleep
But was afraid I would dream

I was so restless
But couldn’t move a muscle
I was so angry
But was scared of the tussle

I wanted some peace and quiet
But couldn’t put down my mobile
I wanted to close my weary eyes
But wasn’t able to turn off the light

Contradictions held me tight
Threatened to tear me apart
Scared me to death
Made me reckless and light headed
“Enough “said my heart
“Do it” said the remaining parts

So here I am,
Right in front of you
But if you look closely,
I’m somewhere else too