Sunday, February 28, 2010

If You Need Stuff In Delhi

The purpose of this piece is to help you find stuff in Delhi. There is not much I can add now as it has been only three months but I figure that I can keep updating it periodically. I hope I am that resolute. It is still easier for me to do it than say a guy who has been staying in Delhi all his life and has so much more to write, right!! Yeah yeah I know I am a regular do-gooder, just without the cape and all

South Indian Food in Connaught Place (CP)
I was thrilled when I saw a Saravanna Bhavan in CP. Due to the Kaveri water problem (at least that's my theory) there were no Saravana Bhavans in Bangalore and so I was really happy to see one here. Man, did I get a shock when I saw the prices. I mean Rs 40 for a cup of coffee is really expensive. I know the rentals in CP must be among the highest in the country but still... Now there is a roadside joint on Jantar Mantar road which is run by malayalees and serves similar fare. Delhi is, as you may know, famous for roadside food (and if you are moving here / just moved, you will be told this a countless times) . Now this place is quite dinghy and often there is a pool of scum water floating nearby. However, I can vouch for the quality of the food having eaten there. I would rate the food a 3 out of 5 as the sambar is not sweet, there is enough spice in the food and it is served piping hot. So if you have a strong stomach, do try this place out. There is a Kwality Walls ice-cream cart always parked next to this joint so you can cool your mouth off after that.

Kerala House - Connaught Place
Hey, I am a South Indian who is missing home food. Obviously, I will crow about my achievements in finding these places. Amazingly, this place is also on Jantar Mantar Road, diagonally opposite Patel Chowk. Another dinghy place but decent Kerala food. The lunch fare is unlimited thali with red rice, sambar, rasam, butter milk, two veggies dishes, 1 papaddom and lime pickle. This is at a reasonable rate of Rs 30/-. You can also buy fish fry (which is quite good) and fish curry again at Rs 30. Hey, I have heard good stuff about Andhra Bhawan as well so will head out there one of these days.

Big Chill
The first thing that struck me when I walked into the place was the amazing posters that were framed on the walls. Not originals but very good quality prints. I had a good time checking out them out. If you are an old movie buff then you will enjoy this a lot. The food is continental and quite good. There is quite a bit of variety with pasta, pizzas and the usual conti fare. The desserts are very good. In fact, they are so good that you will feel like having one just by yourself. So starve yourself a bit before giving so you can give it your best shot.

Anupama Sweets - Kailash Colony Market
I really like samosas and I found this place in Kailash Colony market where the samosas are good. My wife likes the chaat too (if I ever started a chaat shop, I would call it Dimaag Mat Chaat :-) The place is quite basic. It reminds me of the Udipi restaurants in Mumbai but a bit posher. The service levels are a bit slow and the people behind the counters are very insolent so go when you are chilled out. I am yet to eat their sweet selction as well as their dosas and idlis so will update at the earliest.

I need to find a place in South Delhi which sells idli batter cause I am tired of eating bread for breakfast every morning. Also, need to find a shop in South Delhi that sells Kerala masalas, pootu podi etc. Sigh sigh, it will take me some time to get settled. I like Delhi though. I think it is a jugadu place where you can manage the stuff you want but you gotta be a little tougher, little more aggressive but still chilled out. Go figure!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back To The Gym

After three months, I have finally joined a gym here and have started working out. Feels really good too. I was a bit worried that I would feel lazy and not be able to go regularly. Now that I have gone four times after joining (this week), I feel confident that I am going to go regularly.

The first good thing is that it is very close to home so I can easily go in the morning. The flip side is it is cold in Delhi and getting up in the morning is a big BIG challenge. The alarm goes off at 6.30 am and then I keep on snoozing it till 7.15 am. Then it is a mad mad rush. The other good thing is that the trainers are testing me quite strenuously to check my fitness levels. Yesterday was 10 minutes of cycling, 10 minutes of running and about 5 sets of leg exercise ( X 3 sets X 12 reps). Amazingly my legs were not paining today. Ha ha ha.

My next goal is to go for a 10 km rum or a half marathon. I have joined running and living and Delhi runners but have still not been able to go for a run. The obvious reason is that I don't have a car but I suspect that I am too lazy to wake up on a holiday and head out. Which reminds that I spent 3k on a pair of Nike squash shoes and since then have not gone to play.

Another thing that keeps me going is that after coming to Delhi, I never once had a cold or fever despite the really cold winter. Even my oh so delicate stomach was in good shape. I attribute this to the time I spent in they gym and that is why I am such a big advocate of gym-ming. Fitness truly is (one of the) key to a peaceful state of body and mind.