Thursday, January 8, 2009

Midnight Marathon on 10th Jan, Bangalore

I have registered for the TOI Midnight Marathon. It is being held on 10th Jan. My friends tell me - Dude, it is a Saturday night. You should be chilling out. Why would you want to run at that time??? Trust me, the temptation to not run is very strong especially since I haven't trained at all. Anyway, I am going for the 5km IT City Run so I don't think it will be much of an effort. Also, I feel a bit guilty about not participating in the Kaveri Trail Marathon. Plus hey, there is a great feeling of satisfaction after completing a run so here goes...

The site is fairly comprehensive and gives all details. A few key details are

Full Marathon - 42.195 kms (12 : 30 AM)
Half Marathon - 21.95 kms (12 : 00 AM)
IT City Run - 5 kms (08 : 30 PM)
CIPSA Corporate Relay - 8 X 5 kms (01 : 00 AM)
CISCO Women's Relay - 8 X 5 kms (01 : 00 AM)

The race is in Whitefield. WHY? Because it is being organised by Rotary Club, IT Corridor. The starting point is Ujjval School which is ahead of ITPL (you have to take a left at the junction ahead). The important thing is that I heard on the radio that there is parking available so it should be convenient.

A few other things- The main cause is to show that Indians and especially Bangalore folks are not fazed by the Mumbai terrorist attacks and are united against them. I don't see how this run will cause terrorists to back down (assuming they are tracking this marathon from their hideout). There are other causes as well but there are no details
- Registration is through Cafe Coffee Day outlets. This is painful because it is not online and hence you have to go to one of the CCDs that have the forms (list on site). The people there don't know how to fill the form or issue bibs. It took the person 20 minutes to complete my formalities. Thankfully, he called his supervisor halfway through and that helped. The fee is Rs 200/-.
- There is a prize money but not for the IT City Run.
- Manual timings are being done but not for the IT City Run (I am still going)

Apart from all this, before the main midnight marathon there will be a rock show and entertainment from folk performers. I have no details on this but I quote from the site - "Apart form various shorter runs, as mentioned below, culminating into Midnight Marathon, we will also have lots of entertainment and fun events including rock bands, folk art performers and entertainer along with food stalls to make this a family & fun evening. The route will be will lit, traffic free and decorated with various different kinds of lights." So come one come all, I am sure it will be fun.


Priyanka L said...

Hi, found your blog informative, i too am going to run the 5 KM marathon!!


Priyanka L said...

it was great... but i think i underestimated my potential could have run little more.. was done with the run in 33 mins.. what abt u?? well will try next time..
but it was a geat evning!!!