Sunday, January 18, 2009

Have Mobile Phones Killed Our Initiative?

According to me, people just don't want to spend some time figuring out stuff anymore. Everything is or should be a phone call away. Why can't folks take a minute out and use their brains? No sirree, you gotta call the other guy and pump him for information.

The reason why I am so pissed off is because recently I had a function at my place. There were four cars coming to my flat. I had given each of them the complete postal address plus the landmarks to navigate. Now, I agree my flat is not in an apartment as prominent as the Raj Bhavan or UB City but it is definitely not in the sticks. All of these guys called me for directions even when they were so close. Earlier, they would have just stopped at a shop or asked somebody and kept coming. There are so many other instances
- Can't find the keys after a 10 second search! Call up your husband or brother or...
- Waiting downstairs for two minutes for someone to come down. Call up asking where are you?
- Driving down the highway and an SMS comes. You just have to take your eyes off and reply

Don't get me wrong. Mobiles are convenient. They are very useful in an emergency. They are also an intrusion. They disturb (especially during the noon siesta on the weekend) and sometimes cause anxiety. So think twice before you make that call for something so stupid and unimportant that you go - Uhhh, why did I call you????

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