Saturday, August 2, 2008

Recipe for Coconut Chutney - South Indian Style

Today, I made coconut chutney aka thenga chamandhi (as we call it in Kerala) for the 5th time. It was greatly appreciated by self and the others also said it was pretty good. So, I decided it is time to enlighten the world as to how to make good chutney. What I like about this recipe is it is so simple and yet gives one so much satisfaction.

As you must have figured out, coconut is the main ingredient. So, the ingredients are
Coconut - 1
Onion - 1 - finely chopped
Green Chillies - 3 - finely chopped
Mustard Seeds
Curry Leaves

The difficulty I face is in grating the coconut as I do not have a grater. However, I cut the meat out from the husk and mince it in the mixer. Be careful about the amount of onion you add, cause if too much onion is added, the chutney becomes pungent. Now remember that you need to add more chillies than you think necessary. So if you like it spicy, add more than three.

Put all three in the mixer, add some water and grind it to a fine paste. Unless you add some water, it will not become finely ground.

Put a deep bottomed pan on the flame and heat some oil. Fry mustard seeds till they burst. Reduce the flame to simmer and put the coconut mix in. Mildly crush the curry leaves and add this. Add some chilly powder if you want to make it more spicy. Add some water if you like it watery.

After all this, I do hope you know how to make idlies or dosas as this is the perfect accompaniment. Simple, ain't it!!!

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